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Chromecast Audio

Postby Chainsaws » Sun May 01, 2016 7:47 pm

Just an FYI for any of you UK chaps. Chromecast Audio devices are on offer for half price (£15) each. I've never paid them much notice before but had another look when I saw the offer. It turns out they support mutli-room so I took the plunge and bought a few. Combined with a few mini usb-powered speakers I had lying around I now have them set up in several rooms and I can stream my music to any combination of rooms directly from my phone. It's basically a poor man's Sonos but at a full house set up for a fraction of the price of one Sonos unit.

I haven't looked around for apps but the Google music app works and they let you upload up to 50,000 songs from your library to their servers for free. I believe there are Windows apps too but haven't looked into it as I'm fine using the phone, even with the screen locked the volume buttons control the streaming and I can skip songs without unlocking it etc.

The only little down sides I have found so far are that you can't stream the audio from YouTube vids (and this appears to be intentional by Google so not going to change), the fact that as we don't have stereos/radios/soundbars etc. that take an aux input it takes two wall sockets for the device and the additional speaker (I could remedy that with a powered USB hub I guess for each pair but that's extra expense) and the fact you can't swap your active devices, you have to stop streaming and start again to a new source (a really minor niggle but one they could easily fix too!). My favourite bit is how small they are, combined with a tiny speaker you can easily hide the whole setup out of sight. They are so simple to set up as well.

Chromecast Deal: ... ys-2438713
If you don't have any suitable speakers something like this will probably suffice: ... ge-2435949

I'm not saying you should all rush out and buy a handful of them but we like being able to listen to music and being able to play it in several rooms without having to faff is great and even the cheapo mini speakers sound worlds apart from the speakers on our phones.

This is just a quick FYI post, if you want to know any more just ask :)
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